The Templar Krusaders Motorcycle Club, LLC is a law abiding, independent, non-territorial motorcycle club based in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  We are a modern MC based on old school MC values of integrity, honesty, respect and loyalty. We believe that family and work come first, club second. We are a family orientated club.  Our members, family and friends participate in club rides, rallys, bike nights and fundraising events.

Men and women who seek strong brotherhood/sisterhood, as well as solid family values are welcome. A hang around and provisional period are required, which allows you to get to know us, as well as our club members to get to know you.


For more information about Templar Krusaders MC, LLC,  please get in touch with us by sending a message to the group inbox on our contact page.

Templar Krusaders MC, LLC is not associated with any other motorcycle club or any religious organization.

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